PU Injection System

One of the most common problems in Concrete structures is structural cracking. This is perfectly normal and in most cases can be easily repaired.

Leakages repair using PU Injection is the process by which a resin or grout epoxy or polyurethane. It is injected into a crack or void under high or low pressure to repair leakages. Polyurethane is flexible and is used to stop water leaks. Epoxy is a glue used to bond sections of a wall back together as a structural repair. To leakages repair using PU injection is one of the most effective way to repair leaking where working access is not possible.

Epoxy Injection


The crack is located, set and injected using injection Nipples & packers, an anterior surface seal and either a hand injection gun, or in more severe cases an injection pump. Starting at the base of the crack, epoxy is injected until a "connection" is made; that is, the Epoxy has filled the void between the bottom port and the port immediately above it. This continues until the crack is completely full. The epoxy is chosen based on the width of the crack; low, medium, or high viscosity glues.

Structural Crack Repair

Grouting Injection

Epoxy injection has a variety of uses and is relatively easy to perform. Epoxy is essentially a high-strength glue; the repair works on the premise that the epoxy is going to glue the crack back together, filling the void where seepage can occur, as well as repairing the structure.